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Chinese Herbal Medicine

What is Chinese Herbal Medicine?

Human beings have used plants for healing purposes since ancient times. Much of modern medicine originated from our knowledge of plants in nature; in fact, up to 40% of today's pharmaceuticals are based on herbal remedies from throughout the world. Scientific research now supports many long-held beliefs regarding the use of herbs in treating everything from cancer to the common cold. Best of all, herbal medicine can help prevent you from getting sick at all.

Chinese herbal cabinet
Chinese herbal medicine
At Your Appointment

Safe and highly effective Chinese herbs will be recommended for you to support your immune system, reduce stress and promote longevity and optimal health. Depending on your diagnosis, herbs will be tailor-made for your specific medical needs. Personalized herbal formulas are prescribed in pills, capsules and teas, and patients are directed to the highest quality herbs available.


As a National certified Herbalist, Audrey has extensive training in both Chinese and Western herbology, and utilize herbal therapies for preventative, acute and chronic conditions. I work closely with my patients and their physicians, to ensure that your herbal medicine does not interfere with any current pharmaceutical prescriptions.

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