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How to take your progesterone shot

The very first thing to do is to buy Aspercreme and Nexcare Tegaderm waterproof bandages.

Secondly, pick the spot where the shot will be administered. The fertility clinic most likely told you to put it in where your love handles are or just below them. It is actually much more comfortable and still effective to administer the shot just above the love handles or on the top edge of them.

Once you have chosen your spot, put a dollop of Aspercreme ( about the size of a quarter) over the spot and cover it with the bandage. You will want to leave this in place for about 20 min before giving the shot.

For a few minutes before giving the shot, hold the syringe tightly in your hand so the progesterone becomes body temperature,

When ready, take off the bandage and clean off the aspercreme. The patient should lie down while the shot is being injected.

Once the shot is injected, the patient should stand up and bring her knee to her chest a few times after the shot. She should then touch her toes and stretch the muscle where the shot was given as much as possible.

That's it ! No need to heat or ice the injection site. This method is much more comfortable1

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